Hey, Dahlia!

In the debut episode of my podcast, Lavender Dahlia, I shared how I came to this very specific name and how it represents each of us.

In the episode, I spoke of the kind woman who acted on behalf of God as a messenger of His encouragement to me, and I wanted to share with you that conversation between us.

I also spoke of how the dahlia had been front and center in my life long before I knew of the role it would play in God’s calling for me.

Years ago, I designed a bag for Petunia Diaries, the small business I share with my cousin. Well, that “random flower” I used in the design was a big, beautiful dahlia, and it’s a bag that I use regularly to carry my bible and journal!

Click on the image to visit the Petunia Diaries shop and purchase your bag!

When God wants to accomplish something, He is not subtle about doing so. If we are willing to listen to His cues and follow the nudges of the Holy Spirit, we will find that God has been pointing us in the direction He desires long before we knew about the plan.


(The Lavender Dahlia podcast can be found on iTunes and Spotify, and the dahlia tote bag can be purchased here at the Petunia Diaries store on Etsy)

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