Let’s Talk About Sex

Yep. I said it.
I’m not talking about the post-your-nudes-Kardashian sex trends.
I’m talking about the sex that was designed to create intimacy and security in marriage.
Please hear me on this.
Sex is a vital part of marriage.
It might even be tied with communication for the #1 spot.
Sex creates a bond between you and your spouse.
It involves vulnerability and trust.
Sex is meant to be fun and, dare I say, erotic!
But more than all of that good stuff…
Sex is the one thing that only you can provide for your spouse and he/she can provide for you.
You can hire anybody for just about anything you need.
But you can’t hire someone to take care of this.
Sex is YOUR responsibility to your spouse.
(oooh…I bet that didn’t sit well with some)
Ladies, gentlemen…we were designed to crave sex/love/affection.
Have you read Song of Songs in the bible?
There is no mistaking what God intended when He put that desire in us.
Ladies, sometimes you’re tired, you’re bloated, you have a headache, your hormones are changing…
Guys, I know you had a long day at work, the kids seem extra noisy, your fantasy football team is losing…
But if your spouse has that need…that craving…are you willing to outsource that job to someone else?
I know women who withhold sex because they’re mad at their husbands.
I know men who don’t take the time to make sure their wife is fully satisfied.
You guys, when you allow situations like that to happen, you’re allowing that built-in craving to go wandering around seeking fulfillment.
Sex is not a chore.
It’s a gift.
You were built with the desire to physically, emotionally, and intimately connect with someone.
Your spouse was built with the same desire.
You are a gift to each other.
Don’t be afraid to unwrap it.


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