Don’t Complain to Your Mama

You’ve always gone to your mama when you’re hurt.
Scraped knees, hunger pains, broken hearts…she holds the ultimate comfort.
If you find yourself complaining about your spouse to your mama: STOP.
Seriously. Stop.
I’m not saying to keep your parents in the dark.
But if you’re complaining about the things your spouse did or didn’t do, you better make sure you’re telling the WHOLE story.
That means telling both sides…”the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”
When you complain to your parents, they naturally build up negative feelings towards your spouse.
Mamas can’t help it!
And the truth is, it’s not her fault for feeling negatively towards him/her.
The moment you complained or told only half the truth, you gave her permission to see your spouse in a negative light.
By repeatedly exposing the faults of your spouse, you are opening him/her up to potentially negative (and unfair) judgement.
And it’s not your mama’s fault.
It’s yours.
If the only time you talk about your spouse is to complain – stop. Immediately.
Because a mama doesn’t forget when her baby has been wronged.
You may “forgive and forget,” but your mama will remember.
So, if you talk to your mama about everything, be fair in your conversation.
It’s ok…she already knows you’re not perfect.
She won’t love you any less.
But when you withhold the other side of the story, you’re allowing her to love your spouse a little less each time.
Be fair.
Tell the whole story.
Or don’t tell it at all.
(And if you’re a complainer, it’s time to start lifting up your spouse.
Turn it around. It’s not too late.)


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