Dear Valentine

Dear Valentine,

I can see when your heart is aching.  I know when you are longing for something.  There are days when you are filled with joy, and there are days when you are feeling despair.  I dance with you on the days when your heart is light.  I cradle you on the days when you lose hope.

I am here for you, always.

Nothing can ever separate us.  I will never leave you.  I know you have been hurt in the past.  I know you have been betrayed.  I know it is sometimes difficult for you to trust that I am here.

But I promise, here is where I will always be.  For you.  Forever.

I love you more than I could ever hope to tell you.  When I look at you, I see the flawlessness of your beauty and the beauty of your character.  You are exactly as I imagined you to be.  I smile as I watch you go about your day.  I am so proud to call you mine.

I created you because I wanted you.  For so long I hoped that you would want Me, too.  Within your soul you carry my hopes and my dreams for you.  I want you to have the best of everything because I love you more than anything.

You are everything I’ve ever wanted.

You are beautiful.

You are flawless in my eyes.

I talk about you to the angels.

I rejoice when I hear you call on Me.

In YOU I find hope.  In YOU I see love.

In YOU I see ME.

You will forever be My favorite Valentine.

I love you.




(This was originally written, posted, and titled “Love, God” by Jennifer Osler on SpirituallySingle.net on 02/14/2017)

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